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Rocky Mountain Featherbed down gilet brand video


Welcome to our brand

The Birth of a Brand: Rocky Mountain Featherbed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

was founded in the late 1960's in Jackson Hole, Wyoming USA. If you have never been to these parts of the world it’s a low-lying valley that’s surrounded by mountains with rivers and streams. This area was first settled by Native Americans, after them came the fur trappers of the 19th century, come modern times with the nature at hand the area became popular and known for its outdoor activities, something that brought tourists along in the middle of the 20th century. It is at this point Wyoming became known as “The cowboy state”.

Inspiration from the Wilderness: Traditional Leather Yokes and Modern Materials

the Rocky Mountain Featherbed brand was created as a modern interpretation of the classic western garments, drawing inspiration from from the traditional leather yokes worn by the Natives and snap buttons, these were mixed with the materials of the day – high-tech and intended to be functional aswell as protective, everything a modern cowboy needs.

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”  - Earl Nightingale

And have we spent time... 

A Journey of 30 Years: From Down Vests to Environmentally-Aware Materials

30 years of figuring out what the next step is, where do you see yourself in 10 years kind of situation. And we ended up right where it all started, with a great down vest. Ofcourse there are diffrences to the brand today versus in 1992, the designer is Danish and our materials are much more environmentally aware. We do however still believe in functional down garments for you to take anywhere you go, but we take fewer shortcuts in getting you there. 

You could say we have taken a step into the 21th century and boy do we enjoy it. 

We hope that you want to join our journey for the coming 60 years as some of you did way back when.


Rocky Mountain Featherbed Company


warm down vest for women rocky mountain featherbed

Not just a memory

Endless possibility, endless opportunity, freedom and passion, having left yourself in a memory.

we loved the 60's - 2022 love continues.

all wearing Rocky Mountain Featherbed.