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Rocky Mountain featherbed care and maintenance how to take care of your leather vest. leather care and nylon care

Care & Maintenance

Caring for your garment is a must in our book, there is a reason you can find 1960's vests to this day.

Here are some of our tips & tricks to make yours last a lifetime.


What is the best down vest, rocky mountain featherbed vest colours

How and where to store it

Make your vest maintain maximum heat retention, after wearing it, keep it on a hanger and store it somewhere that doesn’t squeeze the down canals. By keeping the down canals filled with air the feathers will trap warm air and keep you warm through the years.

We recommended you to store it somewhere with airflow and to keep it out of direct sunlight as not to damage the fabric.

Down leakage | Got a feather poking out?

If for any reason feathers should pop out from the texture or seams of the fabric it might come in handy to know what to do.

If it comes out of the seam, you can remove it by sticking a piece of water activated tape, or duct tape if you have a piece lying around and then simply peeling it off.

If there is a feather poking our from the fabric, get a hold of the feather trying to escape from the back of the fabric and then pull it back into the vest. By gently rubbing the place where feathers were poking out, the dot will disappear and the leak will stop.


warm down vest for women rocky mountain featherbed

Home care | Make it last a lifetime

With easy measures you can keep your new friend in great shape throughout the years. Do notice that there are specialty dry cleaners that work with leather and down in combination - if you went mudcrawling with your featherbed or the likes. 

Rocky mountain featherbed, RMFB green down vest

Nylon | Stay Fresh

Dissolve soap or a neutral detergent in water, soak a soft sponge or brush and wipe off any dirt like you were polishing.

Any part that was cleaned with detergent should be rinsed thoroughly with water and excess water wiped off with a clean towel.

Rocky Mountain featherbed in white with leather details

Leather| Keep it smooth

Brush or wipe dry to remove any dust or dirt from the leather yoke. Should you have any stains, put a small amount of leather cleaner on a clean soft cloth and wipe off the stain.

To preserve and protect the yoke use the leather retaining oil or cream of your choice and apply a moderate amount. When oil or cream is applied keep the vest on a hanger until it penetrates and saturates the leather once again.

(Apply leather cleaner, retaining oil or cream somewhere inconspicious before treating the entire yoke)

Scandinavian winter with RMFB, White down vest from Rocky Mountain Featherbed

Look good generations to come

Following these steps will keep your vest in great shape throughout the years.

Got any further questions regarding Care & Maintenance please do reach out!

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