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Original Down Vest | M Olive

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The shape and fit of a Rocky Mountain Featherbed vest are timeless and needless, here are some of our favorite places and reasons to wear it:  

A comfortable warming layer on a hike in the mountains.

Something to keep you warm enough to stay that long summer night by the beach.

Something to put a smile on your face when you head out for work on a chilly autumn morning.

The contrasting inner colour is something we are particularly proud of, this olive exterior  meeting a vivid amber orange really makes a statement.

Who says the attention for detail is only reserved for the outside of the garment – no, we believe in thoughtfulness throughout.

What our vest is made of [Materials]

The leather yoke is made out of 100% cowhide all within the standards of REACH.

We use a 90/10% blend of RDS certified goose down.

Outer shell is made out of 100% recycled nylon with a weight of 92gsm.

The lining is also 100% recycled nylon with the same weight of 92 gsm.


With the Wyoming wilderness in mind the Rocky Mountain Featherbed brand was created as a modern interpretation of the classic western garments, drawing inspiration from the traditional leather yokes worn by the Natives and snap buttons for convenience, these are mixed with the materials of today – high-tech and intended to be functional as well as protective. This is a classic but unique piece.

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Partners & Compliance

Teaming up with excellent organisations is a shortcut for us to provide you with better garments.

Feeling good and looking good.

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