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A short one.


When you begin to recognize the sun setting earlier and tomorrow not rising as high as it did yesterday. That's when you begin to think about what you can achieve in the limited time you got left of a day naturally lit by the sun. 

If for some reason you happen to work at Rocky Mountain Featherbed, this is the most productive time of the year, well it should be.

Usually there should be new stock, new garments, new colours and new half written texts laying around. 

All these things are for you to experience very soon - the transit trouble of 2021 has hit us aswell as any other clothier around the globe. So we're abit late, but maybe just on time - as this is the most productive time of the year. 

What RMFB colourways of old do you miss the most? 

I'm thinking a shade of yellow, or perhaps aquamarine....






The snow is falling, use a vest 



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