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The Rocky Mountain Featherbed heritage was created for all of us that make action of our own thoughts. 

It really sprung out of a will and need to engage yourself with your surrounding. Back in the 60's this was mostly done through putting your body somewhere you needed a sturdy and warm garment for that particular mission.

Nowadays we feel the sense of engagement is broader, it's about showing yourself to others how your mind is within as much as actually needing gear to explore something or somewhere... 

And within this show of self we wanted more sustainability, and ofcourse - more garments to wear. 

So coming soon, whenever that is - we have created something new. Something very much recycled and in the ways possible of a new garment, more sustainable.


Just wanted to let you know, it's a vest, made for your everyday anywhere you end up. 


We like it alot, hope you will aswell.


Talk more soon,


RMFB Production

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